Gillix Zafira

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Sadly both my mom and dad and some of my sibblings is no longer with us.
On the link below Kennel Gillix you find all the info about my relatives.

Dad Bruno Von Der Freiheit-Hachen

Mom Grosser Wald Perquita "Ixi"

Kennel Gillix Homepage.

Kennel Gillix

Gillix Monterey "Castor"                          Gillix Meriva "Kida"

Gillix Sintra "Mintha"                               Gillix Kadett "Ringo"

Gillix Commodor "Otto"                                Gillix Regent "Rex"

Gillix Ascona "Selters"                               Gillix Kapitan "Zingo"

My mum and sibblings and I - puppy meeting  2007.


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