Gillix Zafira

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   ABOUT ME   

I "Zta" when I was 5 weeks old and now at 9 years old.

My story begin even before I was born, my mom was in contact with my breeder Pia, Kennel Gillix. Pia was
going to mate my mom Grosser Wald Perquita "Ixi" and she wanted something new so my 2 legged mom help her a bit and they
found Bruno Von Der Freiheit-Hachen in Germany.

So Pia and Ixi went to Berlin and there Ixi had a short love affair with Bruno and on 20 january 2007 me and my
8 sibblings where born.

               My mother Ixi                                     My father Bruno                                Me and my sibblings  

My name on the pedigree is Gillix Zafira and my is S14712/2007 but I am called Zta.

I am a Greater swiss Mountain Dog and this breed are not very common here in Sweden. A lot of people we meet think I am a Rottweiler mix
or a shorthaired Bernes Mountain Dog and some even think I am some kind of hunting dog.

My health is HD-ED and OCD free, cruciate ligament surgery and uterine surgery.
Me and mum have done MH (Mental), we have done obedience class,
Rally Obedience and Tracking - see page activities.
Show results BOB, CAC and CACIB + some worse results, see page exhibition.
Today, weight about 52 kg and is approximately 73 cm high.

        2016-01-29               2016-02-01

My pedigree

Bruno Von Der Freiheit-Hachen
CH.Utibor Van Vremdermolen
LOSH699836   CH.Lotelhan's Quax
LOSH677339  Piaza Van Vremdermolen
Akira Von Der Frohn-Ranch
HZB/GRSCHWS262  Csar Von Aschbruch
HZB0270  Aika Von Der Gaissenalm
Grosser Wald Perquita
NUCH Beethoven
SSZ-GS32377  Hassim Von Der Point
S16764/96  Bessivisser's Virginia
Grosser Wald Marinella
S17580/96  Grosserhofs Dom Prignon
S33932/98  Grosser Wald Konnie


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