Gillix Zafira

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It is not me that are a bit of a snobb when it come to fashion, it is more my
mom who want to do things. Here is some of the collections she have made or purchased for me.
Good or bad!  

2 blue collar and a harness she purchased

3 collar she made, one swiss modell, one red/pink with hearts and one purple.

Flower not very practical but looking good!                              Safe!                                                                

Black leader purchased                       Blue gift from her friend Annki.                              Black shoe
Safe harness purchased.                            Home made coat.

One back on track coat and one warm winter coat purchased.

When I hade my leg surgery there where no good thing to be found to support my leg so mom construct and made this
for me and it was a great help during my recovery.

Quilt - great or what! The blue one is the best in the world older then me but we have brought it with us where ever we are.
Outdoors in forrest, sand, dirt, in the caravan and tent. At home and it have been washed 100 of times, still as new.
Then we also have a lot of others.

At last - this horrible creation mom made, its a combi coat and bags with a collar.
I do not know what mom was thinking!!! But I am glad this one is packed in a box fare down in
the basement.


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