Gillix Zafira

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When you are little you learn a lot of things and some dog owners think its fun to learn their dogs a lot of tricks.
Like role over, sit nice, high five and so on. Am I smart or not, I think some of that stuff is not for a lady like me.
Here is some of the things I have learn during the years but I do understand a lot more then they think.
You should not reveal all!!

Come, sit, down, here, paw, up, down, slow, back,  bye, lay down,

sofa, legs, sausage, meatball, food, hungry, look, search, wait, walk,

stay, soon, pass on, dad, mom, kids, bad man, car,

go to sleep, your seat, higher, jump, stand, kitty, doggie, spout, piggy, piggy, biscuit,

pipipp, bird, must, wash your mouth, say to the master, retrieve, thanks,

do you want, good, Say hi, blanket, pillow, sock, not pull, Cheese, hold on, stick.


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