Gillix Zafira

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    TO BE OLD!   

Just over 10 years does not sound much but unfortunately our lady, is an old lady now, and she has also had
a lot of issues over the years. We are happy for every day we have her here.
We have been standing at a crossroads a few times in the past year.
In the spring of 2016, she was very ill and without going into details, she was also prone to errors of
veterinarians. But we managed to fix it on our own, and the year after went well.

Then came the spring of 2017 and once again she was ill, but also this time we found the right treatment and today she is despite some
swaying legs, sometimes leaping their own way, even if the body is old and tired.
She eats well, plays with her toys and now that the sun comes out, it's nice to be able to be out there and cuddle.

As long as she wants to, and can, life is hers today when she absolutely must take the round which we hide candy,
stubborn and "stone deaf" so obviously she gets her way around. As yet we laugh at the lady when she resolutely
must have the nose on the table and hope that it will fall something good in her gap. When she absolutely should wear the blanket when we will
out and sunbathe, stealing coffee if left unattended, snot best place on the sofa among pillows and blankets. Yes, the
beloved fourlegged feel free to control and adjust the time she has left with us.

Sunday 9 april 2017  -  10 years 2 month and 20 days old.

Good time on the sofa.


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