Gillix Zafira

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    MIXED STUFF....  

On this page is a bit mixed stuff, something I've been through and what I think
about some things.

My ball from a  happy meal McDonald -I still have it!
In fact I still have all my toys since my childhood - playing carefull with over the years.

You may think my mum likes rats, because it is some here on my homepage.
But NOT... When I was little I eat everything I could find outside and they gave me the nickname "Little rat".
I still is called that but I am no longer little and is a picky eater these days.
 But a beloved "kid" have many names. And beside that my all time favorite toy is a rattoy for cats,
maybe it is a mouse! I have a pair 1 grey and 1 white but the white is more brown now because I play with it outdoors.

YAMMY - Nordic fresh food biffand cow stomach/ Standart dry food, carrots, senior supplements.
Leftovers if there is any that are suitable for me.

  Likes a lot! 

Do not eat! 



Ice - Funny!

slippery floor - No fun!

One of my favorites at work - the hole puncher,
kill it and digg it down under the desk - but these days they have put oil on it so there is
not so much noice any moore.

Cheese - Very good!






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