Gillix Zafira

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When I grow up we where aiming to do drafting but due to my cruciate ligament injury we could not continue with that.
But we started with the training long before that so these are the wheel I was working with.

We also went to a lot of meetings it was me and a lot of Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Class Rally obedience - Lots of fun!!

We also took a class of tracking blood and a leg from a deer. I was a nature talant but unfortual
my damn leg put a stop to go further. But we continue with tracking just for fun and we do have a
lot of fun!

 Happy finding the hat!                              Here mum - take the hat!

Beside tracking mum hide stuff on a trial and I will come an find them. 

Search for treat.                                     Taking a coffe break!

On my linkpage you find a link to my youtube page with lots of videos with me.


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